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Hal Somers Hal Somers

Dealer Principal  506-622-2900
Justin Somers Justin Somers

General Manager  506.622.2900
Kathleene Hare Kathleene Hare

Kathleene Hare  506.622.2900
Kelly King Kelly King

Financial Services Manager  506.622.2900
Adam Hambrook Adam Hambrook

Sales and Leasing Professional  506-622-2900
Kyler Tozer Kyler Tozer

Sales and Leasing Professional  506.622.2900
Jimmy Lantin Jimmy Lantin

Sales  506.622.2900
Roman Ward Roman Ward

Sales  506.622.2900
Colin Holmes Colin Holmes

Service Advisor  506.622.2900
Greg Lockerbie Greg Lockerbie

Master Technician  506.622.2900
Tyson Dunnett Tyson Dunnett

Detail and Shuttle Service  506.622.2900